How to be Human

How to be Human
Oct 2013 – 72 Hour Film Challenge
Screened at the San Jose International Film Festival
Synopsis: A mockumentary on the inept leader of a scouting expedition, from the distant planet of Kalabas, who struggles to teach his clueless band of fellow travelers the mysterious art of ‘being human’.




Directed by

Ram Asur

Writing Credits
Ram Asur
Jeff Azevedo
Dominic Angelo – Sleepy Alien
Ram Asur – Grumpy Alien
Jeff Azevedo – Sneezy Male Alien
C.E. Harbin – Doc Alien
Katy Harliss – Sneezy Female Alien (as Katy Baikova)
Daniel Loera – Happy Male Alien
Zed Matthew – Bobby Casanova
Carolyne Occhuzzo – Happy Female Alien
Melissa Stockdale – Girl with Dog